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Maintenance doesn't guarantee your system won't break down. Different companies have varying maintenance routines, so it's not just an oil and filter change like with cars.

Think of it like a car wash. There's the basic drive-through, quick wash for $9.99, where they soap and blow-dry the exterior. Then there's the meticulous hand wash and detail, where every nook and cranny gets an hour of attention.

Most of us prioritize our HVAC system's functionality over car cleanliness. With HVAC, you don't want someone to just wipe the outside for $50 and say it's fine. And you might not want the full-detail job either.

That's why we've crafted Joe Cool's maintenance checklist, combining the best of both worlds. We don't waste time on the unit's exterior; we focus on the inside, cleaning out mold, dust, and contaminants. We disinfect and sterilize the coil to ensure clean air and peak performance.

We inspect moving parts and electrical components to catch potential issues early. We don't push unnecessary part replacements; we inform you about potential failures so you can decide what to do.

In over 20 years, we've honed these procedures as crucial for system operation. We're not the cheapest, but we're not the priciest. We offer the best value in service if you choose Joe Cool's.

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